Several organizations through out the country have similar programs to acquire NEW hats for children that have cancer and are loosing their hair. HATS OFF 4 CANCER is focusing on what the beauty industry can do to help to help our children. It is the perfect match for our beauty industry.

We conduct our famous Hats Off 4 Cancer's Cut-A-Thons at the St Louis Working Woman's Survival Shows (WWSS) every year.

Our only goal is to get top quality NEW hats for the children with cancer and loosing their hair. We do not count the number of hats we receive. If we only get one NEW quality hat, we are successful. We know that each new hat does bring a smile to each child. As you know, these kids fear loosing their hair more than having cancer or even dying. HatsOff4Cancer - what a way to help kids at this time of their battle with cancer. Every year at the WWSS at least several nurses and parents come by and tell us how much the hats meant to their children and thank us and the volunteer stylists for all of the effort to get the hats to the kids. Other stories we heard again this year brought tears to everyone. We have collected so many quality hats for the kids in need of them. More than several years ago, 5 young ladies of a St Louis girl scout troop earned money all summer long to make enough money to buy 99 new hats!

One of the children's hospitals that we took the hats to displayed all of the hats in a display cabinet for all of the kids to look at. It is a hit among all of the kids. We always leave the hats with the nurses (they are like silent angels) that desire to see the kids smile, along with the parents and friends, even if it is only for a few moments..

This year's Hats Off 4 Cancer in St Louis will be February 19, 20, and 21, 2012. We should be in Booth L-16 in Hall 1 upstairs. We hope to have the maximum number of volunteer stylists again for this year's St Louis show. For more info on the St Louis Hats off 4 Cancer Show, please click here.

Hats Off 4 Cancer has acquired the use of a Mooney M20C to provide transportation to children with cancer to and from the St Louis area. HO4C provides this service totally FREE to the children with cancer and their families.




Thank you for helping the children!

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