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Hats Off 4 Cancer's Mooney Airplane

In our conversations and e-mails with the parents of children with cancer, we have been told how hard it is for the parents financially, emotionally, and physically.

Soooo, one of the ways that Hats Off 4 Cancer is helping our new friends is providing 2-way transportation of one parent and one child to our St Louis hospitals. We have a conversion van so that when we arrive in St Louis, we (or an Angel Flight Volunteer) take the two passengers to children's hospital direct !

This is all at NO cost to the parents.


Our Hats Off 4 Cancer Airplane that we use is Mooney M20C N6836V, a beautiful 4 seater .

This plane can fly as high as 18,000 feet (over most weather) and cruise as fast as 170 mph, so as to reach St Louis in minimal time. As you may know, most air carriers will not accept sick children on their regularity scheduled flights, so the parents have to either contact a private Charter flight or drive.

Our Pilots include Ronnie Jr (Commercial pilot, flight instructor, and HO4C volunteer pilot) and Ron (former Navy pilot, Commercial pilot, flight instructor, and HO4C volunteer pilot).

If you are in need of Air transportation of your child, that has been diagnosed with any type of Cancer, please contact AngelFlight.org

Questions, please call Glamm Studio and Spa at 314.487.0765, and ask for Ron or Ronnie in the evenings.



Thank you for helping the children!

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